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The Spirit of Our Betsuin

Founded in 1899, the Buddhist Church of Sacramento has survived over the  years because generations before have given so much, often through times of great adversity.  The Betsuin has provided religious services and education; cultural programs; Japanese language school; youth and adult activities; sports and scouting programs; and the annual bazaar.  It has become, in many ways, the physical and spiritual heart of the community by nurturing essential values of gratitude, commitment, understanding, and caring.  The Sacramento Betsuin currently supports an active and vibrant membership that is the largest among the Buddhist Churches of America. Steps must be taken to ensure the realization of our mission, which is to sustain the Temple for the present and for years to come.

Make a Difference by Giving

An endowment fund is a long-term investment in which the principal remains untouched and continues to grow while the interest generated is used for specific needs.  Donations to the Legacy Endowment Fund are managed according to the fund's investment policy overseen by investment professionals and the Legacy Endowment Fund Board. Specific needs to be supported are:

  • Educational Programs/Scholarships: Buddhist education for members, ministers, and ministerial candidates, plus perpetual or periodic scholarships.

  • Master Planning/Major Improvements: large capital expenditures, such as expanding the temple or upgrading buildings and grounds.

  • Eitaikyo: the renovation and general maintenance of the temple shrine.

Contributions to the Legacy Endowment Fund will help fulfill these needs in a timely manner without undertaking major fundraising or depleting general operating funds.

Benefits of Donating

Giving to the Legacy Endowment Fund is a "win-win" opportunity for both the donor and the Betsuin.  Temple projects and programs can benefit members and the community, now and in the future.  The donor may benefit from tax advantages and the satisfaction of helping sustain the rich legacy of the church.  Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and may include:

  • Cash

  • Real Estate, Personal Property

  • Vehicles

  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds

  • Life Insurance, Annuities

Consult your financial advisor, estate attorney, or tax professional for guidance on the tax advantages of charitable giving before making a donation.  Please call the Betsuin office at (916) 446-0121.

Legacy Endowment Fund Letter of Instruction

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