Buddhist Church of Sacramento Buddhist Church of Sacramento 
A Jodo Shinshu Temple


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Nishi Hongwanji - Kyoto, Japan

(Click here for Japanese version)


A Guide to Online Buddhist Studies

Jodo Shinshu Center - Berkeley, California

 Boy Scouts Troop 50 Sacramento 

 West Covin Buddhist Temple Link

Higashi Hongwaji Buddhist Temple Link

Troop 578

Shin Dharma Net

Buddhist Churches of Canada

Hawaii Jr. YBA Federation
The Federation of the United Jr. YBA districts of Hawaii. 

The Buddhist Community in Scouting
A PDF Flyer on Scouting in Buddhism from the United Kingdom


Alameda - Pasadena

Buddhist Temple of Alameda (California)

Arizona Buddhist Temple (Phoenix)

Berkeley Buddhist Temple (California)

Cleveland Buddhist Temple (Ohio)

Ekoji Buddhist Temple (Fairfax Station, Virginia)

Enmanji Buddhist Temple (Sebastopol, California)

Buddhist Church of Florin (California)

Fresno Betsuin Buddhist Temple (California)

Gardena Buddhist Church (California)

Idaho-Oregon Buddhist Temple (Ontario,Oregon)

Buddhist Church of Lodi (California)

Longmont Buddhist Temple (Colorado)

Los Angeles Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple (California)

Buddhist Temple of Marin (Mill Valley, California)

Marysville Buddhist Church (California)

Midwest Buddhist Temple (Chicago, Illinois)

Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple (Seaside, California)

Mountain View Buddhist Temple (California)

New York Buddhist Church (New York City)

Buddhist Church of Oakland (California)

Buddhist Church of Ogden (Utah)

Orange County Buddhist Church (Anaheim, California)

Oregon Buddhist Temple (Portland)

Oxnard Buddhist Temple (California)

Palo Alto Buddhist Temple (California)

Pasadena Buddhist Church (California)

Placer - White River

Placer Buddhist Church (Penryn, California)

Reedley Buddhist Church (California)

Buddhist Temple of Salinas (California)

Salt Lake Buddhist Temple (Utah)

Buddhist Temple of San Diego (California)

San Fernando Valley Hongwanji Buddhist Temple (Pacoima, California)

Buddhist Church of San Francisco (California)

San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin (California)

San Luis Obispo Buddhist Church (California)

San Mateo Buddhist Temple (California)

Buddhist Church of Santa Barbara (California)

Seabrook Buddhist Temple (Bridgeton, New Jersey)

Seattle Buddhist Church (Washington)

Senshin-Ji (Los Angeles, California)

Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church (California)

Spokane Buddhist Church (Washington)

Stockton Buddhist Temple (California)

Tacoma Buddhist Temple (Washington)

Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple (Colorado)

Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple
(Culver City, California)

Vista Buddhist Temple (California)

Walnut Grove Buddhist Church (California)

Watsonville Buddhist Temple (California)

West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple (California)

White River Buddhist Temple (Auburn, Washington)


Affiliated Organizations:

Columbus Buddhist Sangha (Ohio)

Buddhist Fellowship of Concord
3165 Treat Boulevard, Concord, California, 94518
(925) 256‑6746

Ekoji Buddhist Sangha of Richmond (Virginia)

Las Vegas Buddhist Sangha (Nevada)

 Northampton Shin Buddhist Sangha (Massachusetts)

Twin Cities Buddhist Association Sangha (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
(952) 975‑0047


Click HERE for the Heart Sutra
Google's Buddhist-related Directories
Pure Land/Shin temples in the United States: Google's temple directories are interesting because they actually rank a temple's website based on how many other sites are linked it.
Buddhist Centers and Groups by Region: This directory is similar to the above except that its focus is on Buddhist Sangha groups, including even small study groups and a wide variey of Buddhist traditions.
Buddhist Sites With Links to Temples
Pure Land Buddhism WWW Virtual Library: Jerome Ducor's site with many resources.
Buddhist Digital Library and Museum: A Taiwanese site with links, libraries and other resources.
DharmaNet International: Another site with links and many additional sources for information on various aspects of Buddhism.
More Shin Buddhist Sites (temples and info-based sites)
Shin Buddhist Resource Center: Interesting articles, an English translation of the Shoshinge sutra, a bookstore, and many links.
Collected Works of Shinran: Is the work of the White Lotus Center for Shin Buddhism in Anchorage, Alaska, which is working towards providing online the complete works of Shinran Shonin, founder of the Jodo Shinshu tradition.
The Buddhist Channel: Bringing Buddha Dharma Home.
Lethbridge Buddhist Temple:
The site of Lethbridge Honpa Buddhist Temple shows that the Dharma is alive and well way up in the province of Alberta, Canada.
Welcome to Tomo-net:
Official website of the Higashi Honganji; mostly in Japanese, but with some English.
The Head Temple - Nishi Honganji:
Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Mission of Singapore.
Kyoto National Museum:
This site has some interesting information about Shin Buddhism (Select language at top), including beautiful examples of Buddhist art. The museum is located near Higashi Honganji's headquarters.
Other Interesting Buddhist sites:
The Buddhist Society: This non-sectarian site from Great Britain, with lectures and essays in the Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions, aims to "publish and make known the principles of Buddhism and to encourage the study and practice of those principles."
Heartland Sangha: This contemporary site, by followers of Rev. Gyomay Kubose, has pages like "Daily Dharma Practice," "Does a Dog have Buddha Nature?" and "Feeling Buddha."
Urban Dharma - Buddhism in America: Our friend Rev. Kusala, an American-born blues harmonica playin' and motorcycle-ridin' Zen monk at the International Buddhist Meditation Center in Los Angeles, has created a very thoughtful site dedicated to American Buddhism.
Tricycle Buddhist Review:
Site of the famous Buddhist magazine.
Buddhist Temple of Chicago:
This temple practices an interesting blend of Shin and Zen Buddhism.
Dzogchen Foundation:
Read the excellent FAQ on Buddhism.
Welcome to True Shin Buddhism:  Richard St. Clair's informative site which features not only an intro to PureLand (Shin) Buddhism, but also an analysis of several sutras central to other sects as well, such as the Lotus Sutra and Heart Sutra.
Zen Unbound:
Tom Armstrong's "e-zine," with an interesting mix of essays, poetry, film reviews, etc.
Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors:
This is a site with wonderful Buddhist stories which offer penetrating insights into the meaning of life.
Buddhism in the National Capital of Canada:
A Theravada site from Ottawa with another excellent intro to Buddhism, Buddhist FAQ. links, etc.
The Buddhist Centre:
A triratna buddhist community space.
Women active in Buddhism:
Links and resources on contemporary Buddhist women.
Buddhist Youth Websites
Kids Pages of the Living Dharma Website: This section is devoted to the activities of West Covina Buddhist Temple's grade-school and college-aged members.
Where to Buy Books on Buddhism
Buddhist Study Center Press: Shin-specific books.
Amazon.com: Search "buddhism".