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Tools for Dharma School Teachers


(in PDF format)

    View  Buddhism for Youth - Part 1 - Buddha and his Disciples  
    View  Buddhist Shrine Picture Storybook  
    View  Buddhist Holidays and Services  
    View  Honwanji Shinran Shonin Graphic Story  
    View  Junirai for Dharma SChool Students  
    View  Little Rhymes and Finger Plays for Preschool Children  
    View  Parents Sharing the Nembutsu Teachings with their Young Children  
    View  The Banyan Deer  
    View  The Blind Man's Sight  
    View  The Golden Deer  
    View  The Great Hearted Monkey  
    View  The Noble Stag  
    View  The Story of the Juzu by Shinsho Hanayama  
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Service Templates: (in PowerPoint)

                             Lesson Plans:

    View  18th Vow of Amida Buddha Version 1   View  Lesson Plan Outline from FDSTL 2011 - PDF
    View  18th Vow of Amida Buddha Version 2  
    View  Golden Chain  
    View  Junirai  
    View  Juseige  
    View  Loving, Kindness Meditation  
    View  Three Treasures  
    View  Threefold Refuge  
  Question and Answer Presentations and Other Stories by various Dharma students:  
    View  25 Q&A from the 2010 BWA Conference - Buddhism and Pop Culture Topics - in PowerPoint  
    View  11 Q&A in the form of "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" - in PowerPoint  
    View  The Pursuit of Happiness by the 2008 Fresno Dharma School Seniors - PDF  
    View  Prince Siddartha Saves the Day - in PowerPoint  
    View  The Life of Buddha - Reedley Dharma School 5th/6th Grade (2007) - in PowerPoint  
    View  The Many Names of Shinran - 2007-08 Reedley Dharma School 5th/6th Grade - in PowerPoint