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Enjoy being part of the Sangha ... feel free to join our affiliated organizations.


Dharma School
The Dharma School term runs from September through June during the regular school year. Over 400 children from pre-school to high school attend the weekly Sunday services at 9:30 am. Dharma School classes immediately follow the Sunday Family Services. The curriculum includes basic teachings of Buddhism, Shin Buddhism and stress fellowship using themes such as kindness, giving and compassion. Each year the Dharma School presents an annual Hanamatsuri program, usually a play that revolves around a Buddhist theme or historical event. In addition, the celebration of significant Buddhist dates, Open House and annual picnic are annual events. For more information

Junior YBA (Young Buddhist Association)
The YBA is an organization of young people that meets for a variety of activities to build character and social skill development. Activities range from community service, conferences and fundraising to youth fellowship. The Jr. YBA is made up of high school age youth, while the Sr. YBA's membership is college and above. There is a yearly Northern California District YBA conference held at one of the District churches on a rotating basis.


ABA (Adult Buddhist Association)
Service and social activities make up an important part of the ABA. This group of adults want to maintain a strong association with the church through participation in service and recreational activities. The primary activity has been the Spring Food Festival which helps raise funds for church programs, facility maintenance and a youth scholarship program.

Fujinkai or BWA (Buddhist Women's Association)
This organization of adult women assists the church in many of the fundraising events and has social activities for its members. It is the largest organization of the church and is considered the backbone of the church.

Betsuin Seniors Group

Another service group composed of retired seniors who primarily help maintain and improve the temple yard, buildings and furnishings.

Sacramento Betsuin Choir
The Choir is composed of a group of adults with beautiful voices.   They sing on special occasions throughout the year.  They are a hit at many Temple and District functions.  Only a few of the Buddhist temples have a choir and ours is among the best in all of the Buddhist Churches of America.

Sacramento Betsuin Education Awards

These awards are granted to graduating high school seniors and are based on contributions to the Betsuin and participation in Betsuin sponsored activities. Funding for the Education Awards comes from several sponsoring organizations and Betsuin members.


Cub Scouts Pack 50 (https://sites.google.com/site/gecpack50/)
Designed for boys ranging in age from 8 to 10, the Cub Scouts have many family activities and outings.  The program is fun and designed to instill strong family values. 
Members Only Site:  http://sites.google.com/site/sacpack50/  (Require Access Approval)

Boy Scouts Troop 50 (http://sactroop50.webs.com)
This program recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.  It is composed of boys ranging in age from 11 to 18.  The Scouts enjoy many outings and participate in service activities for the Betsuin.  The Scout Sunday, held on the first Sunday in February is attended by all Scouting organizations.  In addition, Boy Scout Troop 50 participates in the camporees with other Buddhist Temple sponsored Troops throughout the western states.  The boys also enjoy a Scouting Exchange with Scouts from Matsuyama, Japan. 

Girl Scouts Troop 569 (http://www.girlscouts.org)
The organization is composed of several age groups ranging from age 7 to 18.  Many of the activities are designed to promote fellowship and service.  The Girl Scout Troop is among the largest and most active in the Sacramento area.  It is also well known for selling the "most Girl Scout Cookies in the World" — over 13,000 boxes this year! They participate with the Boy Scouts in an exchange program with the Matsuyama Japan Scouts.   This program enables the Betsuin Scouts to experience both traveling abroad and hosting the Japan Scouts in Sacramento.


The Sports Program
The Sports Program centers around an organized basketball program for boys and girls ages 7 through 18 during basketball season. League and tournament play encourage participation and fun. There is an Instructional League for the young (E) that teaches fundamentals and sportsmanship with a competitive league for the older children (A-D). Teams participate in annual tournaments in Sacramento and throughout the state.